Welcome to the website of Stef Keegan, do you mind if I talk in first person? Good, thanks, that makes things easier. Hi I'm Stef.

This is a place where I am going to *try* to organise my work into some kind of coherent pile.

I've worked in a few different industries making all kinds of weird and wonderful things including:

Games, Animation, Film Production, VR and VFX. Basically I like making things and telling stories.


I've worked in games and animation, I specialise in stylistic cutesy designs and love turning 2D styles into 3D sculpts. I mainly sculpt, model and optimise, but can rig and animate too.

I am trained in:




-Motion Builder


-After Effects


Rescue Cat

a mix of WIP shots from my short film - sporadically being updated!


I've worked on multiple VR projects, as a 3D artist and/or producer in London and Silicon Valley.


VR is ever evolving but me and my buddies were there from the beginning, ok not Virtual Boy 80's beginning, but we were developing for DK2 and the Gear VR before you even knew what an Oculus was. Unless you are Palmer Lucky, in which case thanks for all the banging tech.

Here are some examples of the awesome projects I've been involved with.

Lodding / Optimiszation: Windlands 2
How does it run so smoothly? Oh it's oiled with the tears of artists.
Character Art: Windlands 2
3D Artist, Rigger, Animation and Texturing for Windlands 2.
Mo Cap / Art: Decay Theory
A small role assisting with Motion capture blend shapes and the odd bit of art here and there. I love this project and Fire Panda who are making it.
Optimization: Windlands
A game in which you can see the whole map from the highest point, that needs to run smoothly on PSVR. Better break out these mad optimization skills. And the coffee.
Producer: Pixel Ripped 1989
Producing a remote team with people working worldwide to pull this little indie project together. From the depths of the NFTS all the way to Silicon Valley, this little game grew into a cult VR success.
Artist: Pixel Ripped 1989
Props, Characters and whatever else was needed really. My first project, so even though the art looks kinda-jankie, I'm still super proud of what we achieved.
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I did a draw.



I spent 10 years in the film industry, working my way up from runner to short film producer. I love the hustle and bustle of a busy set and the way things 'magically' come together in the dark depths of an edit suite. My role has varied, and my responsibilities have been many. Here's a taste of the things I've worked on.

Producer: Remi
Remi is an illegal immigrant scraping a living and sleeping rough in a cold northern city far from his home.
Production Manager: The Painting
A painter's solitude is disturbed by a mysterious woman.
Co-Producer: Confession
An historical drama set during Victorian England
Assistant Producer: Supersonic
Neathfilms' 28' drama for BSL Zone about 18-year old Isaac's father's reappearance after 10 years and the startling revelation that superheroes are real.
Production Manager: The Egg Trick
"Do you know the joke about the broken egg?" Cast: Ian McKellen, Preston Nyman
Assistant Producer: Champion of the World
Drama: A young Deaf athlete fights her way back from injury.
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Production Manager: The Painting

A painter's solitude is disturbed by a mysterious woman.

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